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photo by Tim Roth

Vocalist Brenda Bayne's smooth and swinging sound is the perfect complement to her superb repertoire of popular standards and overlooked gems.

The Trio has been featured weekly at Emiliano's Cafe since 2006

Robert D'Amico

Robert is a Professor of Philosophy at the University of Florida. He comes from Buffalo, New York and grew up surrounded by music. His father was a classical violinist and jazz saxophone player. His uncle Hank D'Amico was a well-known jazz clarinetist. Robert studied classical piano and was also appreciative of the Great American Songbook. He credits Brenda with insisting he debut his jazz skills "in the corner of Satchel's Pizza" where the Trio held fort every Thursday for over 2 years when Satchel's first opened.

David Glennon

David was born in Manhattan and raised on Long Island. He is a prolific songwriter and has produced three CDs of original songs. He credits Brenda with insisting he get an acoustic bass and join her and Robert at Satchel's.

Brenda Bayne
vocals/snare drum

Brenda can often be seen around town walking endless miles and petting every animal she encounters, primarily cats. She came to music late but made up for it with her love for and dedication to the Great American Songbook. She is best known for putting the song first and allowing her warm and swinging voice "to ride on top of the pulse". She recently started playing the snare so she would have something else to do besides dusting the piano during the band's solos. Brenda credits Brenda for having the good sense to ask Robert and David to play with her at Satchel's.